12 Foam Filter Pads For Fluval FX4 / FX5 / FX6 Canister Filters A-228

$24.25 $23.25

have 4 FX 5 filters and 2 FX 6 filters and the price for 3 pieces at other places is $12. It takes 6 pads to change out the foam blocks on 1 filter so I need 36 blocks to change them all out. $150 for fishy foam, not good. I was kind of skeptical about buying these but the price was tempting so I jumped on it. I’m so glad I did! These are nice and thick, no smell to them and the fit is good. I found that pushing in the block in at the bend first then pulling the block down by the bottom through the slats works best. The filter I changed these out in seems to run the same as it did with the name brand foam block. I would not hesitate to buy these again and recommend them to anyone that uses the name brand blocks


While a good price and fit, my aquarium was full of small white particles immediately after turning on the filter. It looked like it was snowing inside my tank. I can only imagine what this has done to the digestion and immunity of my fish. Fortunately, I keep less expensive community fish. Glad I don’t have any $30-50 species or I would be really worried. Hopefully, they will know enough not to eat too much, but they have never appeared too intelligent. I don’t recall the Fluval brand ever having this problem. I will have to give the filters a thorough rinsing the next time I do a water change. The added time and step probably negate the cost savings for me.

Well, you get what you pay for. These are a great price, but I have found that they don’t hold up very well. I like to change out 6 filters and then deep clean the dirty ones so they are ready to rotate in at the next cleaning. I get about 2 cycles of this before the foam starts to break down dramatically. So, they work well for the short term, but are a disappointment overall.


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