Member’s Mark Ultra 10″ Printed Paper Plates (204 ct.)

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  • Pack includes 206 strong paper plates
  • Advanced soak protection
  • Made with a cut-resistant and grease-resistant design
  • Microwaveable and strong
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Our strongest disposable paper plate, Member’s Mark® Ultra Plate, 10-1/16″ (204 ct.), features a grease and cut-resistant coating with advanced soak protection so that even the sauciest meals won’t leak through. And because these disposable plates are our strongest and largest, they’re tough enough for foodservice industry use and for hefty, often messy meals, like barbecue. This large, 204-pack of strong paper plates is perfect for stocking up so that you always have some on hand.

Where, When and How Can I Use Heavy-Duty Paper Plates?

Whether you’re planning a backyard cookout for a family reunion and need some extra plates or are brainstorming rainy-day crafts you can make with your kiddo with inexpensive items you can find around the house, these made-in-the-USA, Member’s Mark Ultra Plates are the solution.

Practical (and Some Creative) Uses for Heavy-Duty Paper Plates:

  • Holding hors d’oeuvres at your next bash
  • Safeguarding bowls in the microwave to prevent splatter
  • Making cleanup a breeze by eliminating a pile of dishes
  • Extra padding between ceramic dishes when you’re moving
  • Being a makeshift paint palette for your little painter during craft time
  • Staying strong for a pile of messy barbecue during backyard cookouts


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